Brownie Bliss

I’ve found it. The holy grail that any self-respecting baker quests for: the ultimate brownie recipe. Not too dry, not so squidgy that food poisoning’s a real risk…. And it  not only had nuts in it but actual chucks of delicious fudge.

I didn’t concoct it but found it sitting seductively on my kitchen counter after a night away from the flat. It’s  a good job I didn’t know my housemate was dabbling with this Jamie Oliver recipe as I’d have probably prematurely ended a romantic evening with my boyfriend to hot-foot it home and put my face in this delicious chocolatey goo.

One word of warning: a perfectly sensible looking piece will set you back for days. My only other food intake for the rest of the day was two cans of Be Good To Yourself soup.

If a picture can paint a thousand words, maybe it can also convey a thousand calories… I urge you to make this now and let me hear about how good you think it is, if only in the form of ecstatic dribbles…

Or let me know if you think you’ve had better. And PLEASE point me in the direction of the recipe.

One Response to “Brownie Bliss”
  1. Beki Hill says:

    Hello there! This looks equally amazing. Thanks for saying hi – your blog is great and the pretzels look beautiful!

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