It’s not Terry’s, it’s MINE: delicious chocolate orange birthday cake

Now I’m a firm believer in taste over presentation when it comes to pudding. But I realised last night that this rule should not be applied to birthday cakes. Unless you want the recipient to make genuine ‘oh you really shouldn’t have’ noises. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong with my chocolate and orange cake – I’ve … Continue reading

Cuisine confusion: tikka masala macarons

Cheese and banana cake, raspberry ripple mashed potato, Marmite and grapes, and broccoli cupcakes: just some of the delicacies I sampled last weekend at a friend’s ‘Cuisine confusion’ party. The most alarming I have to say was the cold mashed potato, served in wafer cones, with chunks of raspberry and blueberry in it. I didn’t try the Marmite and grape combo … Continue reading

Prim and proper: cake at Primrose Bakery

My friend phoned me last week and asked where was good to go for cake in Camden. I think I’m pleased with having reputation for being a font of all pudding knowledge (or should that be a fondue of all pudding knowledge?). I think. Anyway I directed her to Camden Market where I’ve salivated over an incredible doughnut stall on a … Continue reading

Mad about Macarons!

I have a confession to make. On the same night that I concocted my Mississppi Mud Pie last week, my housemate also made some delicious macarons. And I ate several. Needless to say these tasty French treats have disappeared now, and needless to say any house that knowingly make a sticky choclatey pie and cream-filled … Continue reading

Euphoric cake tasting at Euphorium Bakery

Rule number one when you visit Euphorium Bakery on Upper Street, Islington is to specify which one to meet at. There’s one at 79 and one at 202 and friends will not be impressed if they are left stranded at the wrong end of the road. And those in the right location will start getting very restless … Continue reading

Mississippi Mud Pie

As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I’m always fascinated by the weird and wonderful world of American baking. Fellow foodie blogger Mrs Duck (of Mrs Duck’s Foodie Quacks) and her Lemon Chiffon Pie post recently inspired me to start delving into recipes from the US. And where better to start than a pud that’s named … Continue reading