Mississippi Mud Pie

As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I’m always fascinated by the weird and wonderful world of American baking. Fellow foodie blogger Mrs Duck (of Mrs Duck’s Foodie Quacks) and her Lemon Chiffon Pie post recently inspired me to start delving into recipes from the US. And where better to start than a pud that’s named after one of the country’s biggest landmarks.

Now I did want to use an authentic American recipe, but once again was thwarted by a complete difference in American and UK pudding ingredients. Does anyone know if corn syrup’s available over here? Or what it is…? Or what to do with it?! Also, most American recipes seem to use cups for weighing things, and I don’t need any encouragement to become more lax with my measurements… So I used a good old BBC recipe.

I thought I’d also experiment with a new form of blogging in this post…hope you enjoy!

2 Responses to “Mississippi Mud Pie”
  1. Love the pie, love the commentary, love your occasional sniggers.

    – Sloth

  2. Helen says:

    Great post, loved the video!

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