Euphoric cake tasting at Euphorium Bakery

Rule number one when you visit Euphorium Bakery on Upper Street, Islington is to specify which one to meet at. There’s one at 79 and one at 202 and friends will not be impressed if they are left stranded at the wrong end of the road. And those in the right location will start getting very restless for cake while you wait to be united.

Rule number two is to go with enough friends that you can try bites of a couple  different cakes. They all just look far too delicious so you’ll end up dithering at the counter like a fool if you can’t hedge your bets a bit.

I went with three friends so was able to try a really rich, moist chocolate cake, a white chocolate mousse cake, a yummy summer fruits cupcake and, my own choice, a raspberry cheesecake (in hindsight I’m fairly sure this mini cheesecake was still actually meant to be shared. Oh well).

They were all really really good- the perfect afternoon treat. The resounding consensus was that the cheesecake was the best, with it’s  melt in the mouth pastry and raspberry ripple taste. It took us back to childhood ice-creams, then made us smug that we’re now grown-ups who can sit in lovely cafes on Sunday afternoons eating decadent baked goods.

The bakery also do lots of savoury treats, and are famed for their wide range of breads, including campagne, campaillette and black olive. Like their cakes and pastries, the breads are handmade by on-site artisan bakers. I’m not entirely sure what that involves, but I’m sure I could tell from how delicious everything was.

They also had lots of tasty looking sandwiches and savoury tarts. I didn’t order any of these (that would be far too sensible) but I did try a free sample of goats cheese tart which was very nice indeed.

This was a really lovely place to wile away a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. All that was missing was a bit sunshine so to sit outside in…

This meet up was actually the first Just Desserts Pudding Club event. We’d love more people to swap cakes with! Do go to the meetup page and join the online club- it’s free. In the future we hope to test more cake shops and bakeries (perhaps suggested by you…) while having a chat and meeting like-minded sugar fiends. We’re also hoping to hold baking events where we all attempt the same dish and then meet up to compare results and have a taste. Join us!


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