Cuisine confusion: tikka masala macarons

Cheese and banana cake, raspberry ripple mashed potato, Marmite and grapes, and broccoli cupcakes: just some of the delicacies I sampled last weekend at a friend’s ‘Cuisine confusion’ party. The most alarming I have to say was the cold mashed potato, served in wafer cones, with chunks of raspberry and blueberry in it. I didn’t try the Marmite and grape combo but the Marmite did come in surprisingly handy when we were all suffering from sugar overload.

Mine and my flatmate’s contribution were tikka macarons, just one of the more adventurous recipes from our Mad about Macrons! book. I’d say they were actually one of the more normal creations on offer…but they did get some very mixed reviews.

To transform them from perfectly normal confectionery into spicy treats, the recipe instructed us to add ground almonds and curry powder to the macaron mixture, and coriander, garam masala and tikka masala curry paste to the cream filling. We also added lots of icing sugar to the filling when the corn flour didn’t seem to be making it thick enough. This made them more like Indian sweets than they were meant to be I think- the recipe suggests serving them with a carrot or parsnip soup which would have been a cuisine confusion step too far in the case of our sweet and spicy macarons.

The main advice to come out of my second attempt at making macarons, is to be careful of what food colouring you use. The first batch were fine. But when we came to make a second batch (after I managed to pipe half the mixture from the first on to myself by not holding the piping bad at the top), I unthinkingly used a different kind of colouring. It was more gloopy than the usual variety and seemed to be what was stopping the egg whites from forming stiff peaks. I ended up wasting four eggs before I realised it must be the food colouring rather than yolk contamination taht was the problem.

So we only had one small batch to present at the party. The jury was out on whether this was a bad thing or not…


2 Responses to “Cuisine confusion: tikka masala macarons”
  1. Hi Jenny,
    That sounded a fantastic party and good for you for doing the curry macs. GREAT fun!
    Dare I add a wee word for next time: I would strongly recommend adding a bit more cornflour to thicken the filling. Adding more sugar would have made them bit too sweet and less on the spice.
    Cheese and banana? Wow. Bet you had some amazing tasting experiences! 🙂

  2. jennyropes says:

    Thanks Jill- wise words indeed! I personally quite liked the icing sugar addition but then I don’t think there are many circumstances where I’d regard more sugar as a bad thing 🙂

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