Hello. I’m Jenny Roper, aged 25 from Dalston. And I’m addicted to sugar.

I spend my days rifling through pudding recipe books and furtively shaving slices off any unattended cakes I happen to come across. I only really knew that I had a problem when I casually referred to Christmas pudding as ‘ light,’ only to be greeted by incredulous shrieks.

If this sounds all too familiar I want to know about it. Read my blog, tell me what puddings you like to eat and bake. Together we are stronger.

I especially want to hear from you if you’re London-based. I’ve only recently moved to the big smoke, after five years of being a connoisseur on Bristol’s pudding scene, and am still discovering where the big cake is.

I also want to hear from you if you fancy the idea of starting a pudding club with me. Somewhere in the vicinity of Hackney, young interesting (if slightly chubby) people clucking about moist sponges, baking a different pud each meet-up and comparing notes…. Watch this space.

And do drop me a line on jennyroper@live.co.uk if your pudding-related comments are too glutinous and obscene for a blog comment…

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Beki Hill says:

    Just to say, I’m also London based, and always keen to join fellow cakers – unfortunately I’m giving up cakes for lent… we’ll see how long that lasts!

  2. Frankie says:

    Hello, loving your blog as always! Yes to the pudding club! x

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