Prim and proper: cake at Primrose Bakery

My friend phoned me last week and asked where was good to go for cake in Camden. I think I’m pleased with having reputation for being a font of all pudding knowledge (or should that be a fondue of all pudding knowledge?). I think. Anyway I directed her to Camden Market where I’ve salivated over an incredible doughnut stall on a … Continue reading

Euphoric cake tasting at Euphorium Bakery

Rule number one when you visit Euphorium Bakery on Upper Street, Islington is to specify which one to meet at. There’s one at 79 and one at 202 and friends will not be impressed if they are left stranded at the wrong end of the road. And those in the right location will start getting very restless … Continue reading

My first SNOG

A Saturday without sugar is like a Sunday without a roast: fine, but you can’t help feeling you’ve missed out on a day where it’s ok to overindulge so much that you can’t concentrate on anything/sit up straight.  With this in mind, I decided that it was time to ferret out some of London’s more unusual sugary treats. Armed … Continue reading